Dating apps
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As if dating wasn't hard enough, there's now a slew of new words and phrases to keep in mind while you're swiping.

Daytime talk show the Daily Blast LIVE and Bustle tweeted out the new words and their meanings to give new daters the intel before going on Tinder. While there are plenty of challenges in the dating world, these new phrases and words give us a vocabulary so we recognize that some of these horror stories don't happen only to us. 

If anything is holding you back from getting on a dating app, even though you definitely want to, then just give it a try. The worst thing that can happen is you'll get glamboozled. Read on to discover what that means. 

Dial-toning may be even worse than ghosting. 

Instead of being ghosted by someone you've gone on a few dates with, dial-toning is when you give out your number, they text you back, and you decide not to respond. While it's totally acceptable, it can be a little disheartening. 

Cause-playing is like really inappropriate networking. 

If you don't hear from your date for ages and then they reach out to try and nab an Instagram follow, then you may have been cause-played. Or maybe they need someone to watch their dog for the weekend, and just because you mentioned that you liked dogs on your date does not mean you can be the go-to dogsitter. 

Named after Phoebe Waller-Bridge's extremely popular show Fleabag, this dating technique was definitely what her main character was guilty of. 

Fleabag was notoriously getting into relationships with people she did not belong with, namely the Hot Priest. If you're guilty of fleabagging, then maybe take a break from dating so that you're not constantly going after the wrong person. 

There's nothing quite as irritating as getting glamboozled, especially if you used your brand-new Fenty mascara. What a waste. 

You can be glamboozled by friends and romantic partners. Imagine getting all dressed up and beating your face to perfection, only to have your going-out buddy let you know they just aren't feeling it. What a waste of perfectly good beauty products. 

Just like the popular but oh-so basic beverage White Claw, there are people out there who just don't have a ton of substance. 

While White Claws have a lot going on on social media and in their packaging, when it comes to the actual drink, they're just a bit basic. Don't stay with someone just because of the way they look. There should be more to a relationship than simply attraction. "Yeah, he/she is hot ... but there's absolutely no substance.#Datingin2020," the Daily Blast LIVE writes. 

Rude to the waiter? Definitely needs to be yellow carded. 

Yellow carding is just calling out a date for unacceptable behavior, but giving them a second chance anyway. If they're rude to your friends, the waiter, or anyone in general, then that deserves a yellow card.