I gotta get myself a sugar daddy.

Kevin Kline and Ophelia Lovibond in "No Strings Attached"

Kevin Kline and Ophelia Lovibond in "No Strings Attached"

photo: "No Strings Attached"

I’ve thought about this nearly 100 times, but never actually followed through. Then my friend told me about his roommate who was on this site called Seeking Arrangement. He told me how she would meet an older guy for lunch and come back with $700.

$700? That’s crazy! $700 is maybe what I make in a week — actually, it’s probably more than what I make in a week. And this chick made that in one lunch date.

I had to investigate this site.

I didn’t feel like I had the right to be on Seeking Arrangement. I kind of look like I volunteer at a nursing home for fun. So, with the permission of my big-boobed, blonde friend Ashley, I used her photos to make a profile. Is it cat-fishing if the person’s photos you're using knows that you're using them?

I made a profile and tried to appeal to my audience.

seeking arrangement profile
photo: Kristin Manna

Compared to other dating sites, you actually get way less bullshit.

Men get right to the point on this site. Most men would offer their phone numbers before you even reply to their first message. I found this to be a little too forward for my liking, but there are way fewer inappropriate messages on this site.

These guys actually respect you way more, even though they are trying to pay to have sex with you.

seeking arrangement
photo: Kristin Manna

Compensation doesn't just come in the form of cash.

You can make a wish list; this was my favorite thing about the site. You can choose from one of the site’s categories, or you could link your Amazon wish list. If a guy is really into it, he can send you something off your wish list. 

But don’t worry, that won't give them access to your address. My goal was to get someone to send me something. If you’re wondering how it went, I got nothing — not even flowers! And I pretend my fake dog Gigi died.

seeking arrangement
photo: Kristin Manna

I noticed a lot of similarities between profiles.

One thing that I found funny is that in almost every profile they asked for “no drama.” If they are going to give you money to help them cheat on their wives, you gotta be chill. The irony.

Also, I found that about 70% of the men I encountered on Seeking Arrangement were married. 

You could tell who was married because they were very honest about it — which I guess is nice, but also because they would either black out their faces or have no photos at all. Basically, you’re looking at a lot of married men who have faceless heads.

seeking arrangement
photo: Kristin Manna

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have sex with them.

It seems a lot of the people on the site wanna have a side chick. There are a few that just need a friend, but you have to search for it . Some guys just need a pretty girl for an event and don’t want to look like a fool by not having a hot date.

And the money? This is where it gets good.

Some older gentleman was offering $200 for just coffee. COFFEE. That’s it. I literally almost joined for real when I saw that offer.

Another guy was offering $1,000 to meet twice a month for a sex date. That’s only $500 for sex. I feel like that’s really low-balling it, and if you are going to have sex with someone for money you should aim higher. One guy offered $12,000 a month. I could pay off my student loans with that kind of money.

seeking arrangement
photo: Kristin Manna

The difference between you and an escort? Nothing.

There is no difference at all. You’re successfully using your looks to get money from men. Plus, you get to watch middle-aged rich men try to come up with pick up lines.

Overall, this site isn’t bad. If you have considered trying to escort but have been too scared to do so, this is the best way to start. The men are forward and not too creepy — but it's you who has all the power.