If you're not single on Valentines's Day (which we already know has *A LOT* of perks), you probably have to buy a little something for bae to show your love. If you're panicking over what to get, don't worry, we got you covered.These gifts are man-centric and definitely won't break the bank.


These boxer briefs are a sweet way to tell him he's ~ cute. ~

candy heart boxers
photo: Urban Outfitters

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UO Candy Hearts Boxer Briefs ($12, Urban Outfitters)


You know he's been needing beard oil to tame the forest growing on his face.

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Proraso Beard Oil ($16, Urban Outfitters)

V-Day is the perfect time for it.


Or you can take a VERY different route with these pink penis rings.

cock ring
photo: Amazon

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Vibrating Cock ring ($11.99, Amazon)

A gift for him is a gift for you, after all.


This beer cap map is your man's next hobby.

beer cap map
photo: Amazon

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Wooden Beer Cap Map Wall Decor ($17, Amazon)

As if he needed any more encouragement.


Your dude has probably been "meaning to" get fancy cufflinks for years now.

rose gold cuff links
photo: Amazon

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Hawson Cufflink and Studs Tuxedo Set ($12.99, Amazon)



If he's a big beer drinker, but you also just can't help yourself...

vday gifts for him
photo: Amazon

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Six Pack Greeting Card Box ($15.95, Amazon)

It's a happy medium.


Gift cards are always a good option, especially for your nerdy S/O.

amazon kindle gift card
photo: Amazon

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Amazon Kindle Gift Card ($25, Amazon)

Just let him pick the books he wants. 


If his apartment smells like his gym bag, try for a (somewhat) manly candle.

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Voluspa Maison Jardin ($16, Nordstrom)

It smells like branches and leaves, so he'll be on board.


There's no time like Valentine's Day to start cooking like Action Bronson.

fuck thats delicious cookbook
photo: Amazon

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F*ck, That's Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well ($16.43, Amazon)

Maybe you'll even get dinner out of it.


This is the only way your boo should be sipping his coffee in the morning.

thats all mug
photo: Amazon

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That's All Mug ($24.88, Amazon)

It's not boastful at all.


If that mug is too much, there's always this super modest option.

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Female Form Mug ($14, Urban Outfitters)

Front AND back.


Candy that's personal is so much sweeter.

personalized chocolate
photo: Etsy

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Personalized Chocolate Gift ($24.99, Etsy)

Still, it'll be gone in minutes.


He might not be the super mushy type, but a photo book of memories is always a safe gift.

photo: Instagram/mixbook

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Mixbook (starting at $12, Mixbook)

Be sure to get your best angles in there.


Help him keep warm for the rest of winter with this beanie.

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OBEY Escape Beanie ($12, Urban Outfitters)

He'll love ya for it.