The things that make sex "good" for one person isn't necessarily what makes it good for another.

But there are some common threads, apparently — especially when it comes to what men thinks makes for good sex.

We referred to Reddit to find out what men think makes a woman "good in bed." Here's what they had to say.


"Enthusiasm in getting to know your lover."

"Watch their reaction. Listen to their breathing. If it gets heavier and faster, keep doing what you're doing," said one user.

"Change positions after a bit, or if things don't feel right. Same goes for sounds and sighs in bed. Take things slow, enjoy the feelings. Experiment. Don't get discouraged if something doesn't work. Switch it up if it's not, and if you get a reaction, don't stop!"

"Sex is amazing, and fun," he added. "Just like anything else, find your own style."


"In bed you want communication."

"'Oh yeah, just like that...' 'Oh, no go back to doing it the other way....' Or just moaning and 'unnnnngghhh.' You want positive feedback," said i_like_bikes_.

"But you [men] have to do it, too," he noted. "If you can be vocal in bed, you will go places, friend. Lots of women are into guys who moan and respond and give feedback. It's give and take, and you gotta give what you get, son."


"Run your fingers through his hair."

"This is the best for me," said TheGreatXavi. "It's so good it almost feels like too much for my heart. It's really overwhelming. Physically, a blowjob is better, but emotionally, nothing beats the feel of when my girlfriend runs her fingers through my hair or touches my face when we have sex."


"Being uninhibited is hot."

BtheChangeUwant2C said that losing your inhibitions in bed is key when it comes to good sex. 

"If a woman is comfortable in her sexuality, it comes through. She'll be expressive with her face, voice, and body language. Pleasing a partner of either sex comes down to catering to their preferences."


"Don't be a dead fish."

"Participate," said JustRuss79. "Do not just lay there; at the very least hold your legs up or wrap them around your man along with your arms on his neck. Run your hands down his back and arms, and certainly be willing to try different positions (at least the main three: missionary, cowgirl, doggy)."


"It's OK to fake it a little."

"Something that I really like is after my girlfriend has gotten off, she'll sort of cheer me on and really over-embellish the moans and her breathing to help me finish," said frostcutlery

"She tells me how big I am, how good it feels, just anything she thinks I would want to hear. To me at least it's not just about how good sex feels — what gets me off is more visual: seeing her body, seeing her grab the sheets and shove her face in the pillow; stuff like that."


"Learn how your own plumbing works, and tell him."

"Generally speaking, guys love to make women cum," said raziphel. When you do cum, tell him. Shout it from the mountaintops."

"You don't have to be loud to be expressive," he added, "but it doesn't hurt. If something feels good, say so. Whimper. Moan. Growl. Curse. Talk dirty. Beg. Howl. Wiggle. Grind. Dance. Melt. Express everything you feel."