photo: YouTube/Kristen Leanne

Any woman — and some men — who have used dating apps before knows how absolutely fucking disgusting people (mainly men, let's be real) can be when initiating a conversation.

I polled the Revelist team, Facebook, and Twitter to see the scope of what's been said online. I received an overwhelming number of responses — it was depressing.

And it goes way beyond dick pics. Here are 26 gross things that garbage people have said to REAL HUMAN PEOPLE, WITH FEELINGS, on Tinder.


"'Long term meaning life, forever.'"

Caroline, 28; Washington, DC


"My worst was an impregnation threat: 'You deserve 9 moths (sic) by me.'"

— Viviana N., 27; New York, New York


"This was my very first Tinder match . . . what a gem!"

Jenna, 27; Georgia


"This guy called me 'used up.' It got to me more than any other insult any guy has [ever] said to me."

— Anonymous, 23; New York, New York


"At least they lead to funny stories, lol."

Emily, 27; Queens, New York


"'We going to bang it up real quick before I catch my flight?'"

Emily, 27; Queens, New York


"A guy texted me 'I'm going to save this erection for you for sure' and followed that up with 'I'm also very polite.'"

— Erin B., 27; Brooklyn, New York


"'Are you into girls? Y/N/M'"

Emily, 27; Queens, New York


"A guy once told me that he was glad I was a writer because he could never date women in traditional 'male' industries, like medicine... or law."

— Mandy V., 23; New York, New York


"'I wanna fuck u.'"

Emily, 27; Queens, New York


"'You won't date a guy who likes 'Entourage'? I'm so sick of fucking feminazis like you saying shit like this then wondering why you can't get a man. Fucking bitch.'"

— Shaunna M., 30; Brooklyn, New York


"'I just want to see your tits.'"

Emily, 27; Queens, New York


“I once turned a man (who happened to be black) down for a date on OKCupid and he called me a white supremacist and a neo-Nazi and said he hoped someone would rape me. I’m Jewish and my grandpa is a Holocaust survivor, so, yeah. Totally a neo-Nazi.”

— Mel Stanger, 27; Brooklyn, New York


"'I bet you're the ugly fat one...'"

Emily, 27; Queens, New York


"A GIRL said she was interested in me and another guy because she thought I was hot and then ended with 'and would you be willing to pay for my company?'"

— Eva, 25; New York, New York



E., 27; New York, New York


"'Can I eat Nutella off you?'"

Emily, 27; Queens, New York


“‘Are you in the mood to get roughed up by a stranger?’ DELETE.”

— Anonymous, 35; New York, New York


"'Honestly if I had one wish it would be for you to sit on my face.'"

Chaele D., 27; New York, New York


"The grossest message I ever got (which is one of [my] artworks) was 'You don't know what I would give to slurp wet cooked spaghetti out of your asshole.'"

Daphna Steinberg, Washington, DC


"'Hey faggot, wanna worship my straight cock? No eye contact or reciprocation.'"

 Matt C., 27; New York, New York


"'You're (sic) body is amazing. I want to tame you.'"

Chaele D., 27; New York, New York


“When I was using OKCupid I included a picture of myself cosplaying as Daenerys from ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 1, and one guy messaged me saying something to the effect of ‘I wanna be the stallion that mounts YOU.’ I kind of wanted to reply ‘only if I get to suffocate you with a pillow and burn your body to gain more supporters,’ but I didn’t want him to think I was countersignaling or anything.”

— Victoria M., 26; New York, New York


"'Fucking feminists are too busy perioding all day to take a damn joke. Whatever. I'm not interested in you if your (sic) one of those. Your loss bitch.'"

Chaele D., 27; New York, New York


"I said I was a feminist on my Tinder bio and he asked, 'Is this trick? Are you trying to ensnare men into feminism with your beauty?' What a pick-up line."

— Noël Duan, 25; New York, New York


"'$9000 cash upfront.'"

Chaele D., 27; New York, New York