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photo: Revelist

Every holiday season, people put on fancy outfits and attend (semi-)glamorous parties. Some people dress up for a formal Thanksgiving dinner, others wear nice outfits for office holiday parties, and others like to get all glammed up on New Year’s Eve.

Of course, there’s one main theme when it comes to women’s holiday clothes: sparkles! While some women love wearing sequins and sparkles, others avoid it at all costs. This year, SCOOP launched a brand-new line at Walmart, and they’re ramping it up for the holiday season.

We got four Wild Sky Media employees together to test out some of Scoop’s sparkly holiday dresses. Some of us like wearing sparkly outfits, while some of us usually hate it. Here’s what we thought of the new Scoop line!



Michelle is wearing the Scoop Long Sleeve Mock Neck Sparkle Dress in size Small (Walmart, $32.95). Although she liked the material and look of the dress, it was definitely too big on her. 

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But she loves the subtle sparkle. 

Scoop For Walmart Holiday Collection
photo: Revelist
If it fit her properly (an XS would probably be the right size for Michelle), she would have liked it even more. Overall, she liked the subtlety of the sparkle and loved how comfortable the dress was, but felt like the sizing was a little off.


Jenn (Normally Wears Size 2/4 — Small)

Jenn is wearing the Scoop Sequin T-Shirt Dress in size Medium (Walmart, $32.95). Jenn liked the look and feel of the dress, but wished it was a little bit shorter. Jenn normally wears a size small, but this medium seemed to be the right size for her (although the small might have also worked).

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It's perfect for any holiday party!

Scoop for Walmart Holiday Collection
photo: Revelist
The level of sparkle on Jenn’s dress was perfect — it wasn’t too in your face, it was just a little bit shimmery when it hit the light. This dress could easily be dressed down for a casual night out on the town or dressed up for a formal holiday party.

Ileana (Normally Wears Size 4/6 — M)

Ileana is wearing the Scoop Women’s Sleeveless Sequin Dress (Rainbow Sequins) in large (Walmart, $49.95). Ileana loves sequins, so she was super excited about this dress. She loved the colors and glitz factor, but didn’t think the dress was the most flattering for her shape.

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Ileana surely wouldn't suggest sizing down. 

Scoop for Walmart Holiday collection
photo: Revelist
Ileana normally wears a medium, but she definitely would not have sized down for this dress. This dress felt really comfortable on Ileana — the fabric was nice and the sequins felt like they were good quality — but she doesn’t think a medium would have fit her.


Blake (Normally Wears Size 8/10 — Large)

Blake is wearing the Scoop Women’s Sequin Crop Top (Rose Sequins) in XXXL (Walmart, $39.95) and the Scoop Women’s Sequin Midi Skirt (Rose Sequins) in size 20 (Walmart, $39.95). Blake really liked the top and skirt separately, but felt like the whole look together was a lot.

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Both items together can be a little much. 

Scoop for Walmart Holiday collection
photo: Revelist
The shirt and skirt fit Blake decently well, which is kind of crazy given that they’re supposed to be 3+ sizes too big for her. We all agreed that the shirt would look really great with jeans for a more casual holiday look, and the skirt could be paired with a simple shirt for a fancier party.


Sizing was a major problem.

Scoop for Walmart holiday collection
photo: Revelist
In all honesty, we loved Scoop’s line, but were disappointed in the sizing. Of the four outfits we ordered, only one of them felt like it was the right size (the Scoop Sequin T-Shirt Dress). The Scoop Long Sleeve Mock Neck Sparkle Dress felt too big, and the Scoop Women’s Sleeveless Sequin Dress and Scoop Women’s Sequin Crop Top and Midi Skirt felt much too small. In fact, the shirt/skirt combo were originally going to be worn by another employee, Lauren, who normally wears size 18/20/XXXL. Blake was originally planning to wear the colorful sequined dress, and Ileana was originally planning to wear the black scoop neck dress, but we had to make significant changes to our photo shoot when we saw the sizing. If you decide to buy any of these clothes (which you should, because they’re supercute), just make sure you size up or down accordingly.