Dua Lipa bangs
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We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Everybody is going blond. Millie Bobby Brown, Gabrielle Union, even Hillary Duff — Hollywood has been breaking away from the fall trend of going darker for the season, and we must admit, we're living for every moment of it. Well, folks, let's add Dua Lipa to that list. The English pop star recently posted to her Instagram a new look that included a rose-gold tinted blond bob with a shocking twist. The gorgeous look has fans questioning if those bangs from last week were even real

Check out the reveal ahead. 

Well, folks, Dua Lipa has blond hair now. 

Yep, you read that right. The "New Rules" singer just revealed a blond hue of hair with hints of rose gold that we can't stop looking at. The dye job, which maintained her natural deep brunette shade in the bottom third of her hair hair, is the surprising twist we were completely not expecting. "A new era! Thank you for your patience. See you soon," she wrote on her page. 

The new color comes just days after she added bangs to her signature bob.  

Last week, the star showed off a brand-new fringed look in the streets of France for Paris Fashion Week, writing, "My hair is full of secrets," and wowing just about everyone with the new, edgy look. 

But we may have all been mistaken. 

Could it be that the dark hair she's been showing off the past few days was just a wig? It appears so. How do we know? Well, the look, which was created by John Frieda hairstylist Nicola Clarke along with celeb stylists Anna Cofone and Shannon Gallacher, has hinted that Lipa's had blond hair for longer than we thought. Cofone wrote, "[We've] been keeping it under wraps" on her photo of Lipa on her Instagram. The caption seems to imply that the look that most assumed was Lipa's real hair was just a great wig. 

The sorcery of beauty prevails again. 

Additonally, Lipa's caption appears to tease brand-new music.

Dua Lipa New Hair
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"New era, thank you for your patience" seems to directly brace fans for a slew of brand-new tunes from the musician who hasn't released music since 2018. And seeing as just about anything she touches is a mega-hit, we expect nothing less from the upcoming release. 

Count us in. 

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New music and new hair, new rules? We're surely looking forward to this new era that Lipa is hinting at. We'll be waiting patiently — or impatiently — for more head-bobbing, soul-turning sounds.