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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Near Rochester, the pay gap is closing in the large Minnesotan city. Their median earnings were 94 percent of men’s in 2014 and rent rates remain low as well. The median monthly rent is just 22.4 percent of women’s median earnings, according to NerdWallet.


St. Paul, Minnesota

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In the Minnesotan capital, women bring home 91.9 percent of what men make. Additionally, according to NerdWallet, “women [here] participate in the workforce at almost the same rate as men, lagging by only 0.6 percent, which suggests that the working environment is a strong one for women.”


Iowa City, Iowa

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Boasting a low unemployment rate of 2.5 percent and offering ample opportunities for women in healthcare and education, Iowa City is one of the 24 places where the percentage of women in the workforce is higher than the participation rate of men. Women top men by 9.4 percentage points.


Denton, Texas

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According to NerdWallet, this Texas city might be successful in closing the gender pay gap because many women will work in the abundant high education institutions there.  

Per NerdWallet, the University of North Texas, Denton Independent School District and Texas Woman’s University are among the city’s top employers. Women’s median earnings are at 93.5 percent of men’s.


Durham, North Carolina

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If you’re looking to out-earn your male peers, Durham is the place to be. 

“Durham is one of only 17 places in our 529-city analysis where women out-earn men,” according to NerdWallet. 

The median earnings of women are 101.9 percent of men’s.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

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More women are participating in the workforce in Ann Arbor than most U.S. cities. 

“Nationwide, the workforce participation rate for women is 10 percentage points less than that of men,” NerdWallet explains. “In Ann Arbor, however, the difference is 3.6 percent.” 

This city also offers ample healthcare and education career opportunities.


Bismarck, North Dakota

photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you thought Ann Arbor had good participation rates for women in the workforce, Bismarck beats the Michigan city out. 

“The percentage of women participating in the workforce tops that of men by 0.4 percent,” according to NerdWallet. “Bismarck also stands out for having the lowest average 2015 unemployment rate of the top 10 cities at 2.4 percent, compared with the national average of 5.3  percent.”


Skokie, Illinois

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Women’s median earnings exceed that of men’s by 3.6 percent. “Skokie also has a AAA bond rating from Fitch IBCA, which indicates strong economic health and financial management,” NerdWallet points out.


Redwood City, California

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This city might win them all. “In Redwood City, the median salary for women is nearly 10 percent higher than that of men,” NerdWallet reports. “Of all 529 cities NerdWallet analyzed, there were only two places – Santa Barbara, California, and Gaithersburg, Maryland – where women out-earned men by a higher percentage.”

You can view the complete ranking of all 529 cities here.

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