Beauty brands that support reproductive rights
photo: Instagram/Lipslut

Yesterday, Louisiana became the fifth state to further strip women of their reproductive rights. The state's governor, John Bel Edwards, signed a ban that would ultimately stop a woman's ability to receive an abortion the moment a heartbeat is detected, and is yet another step backwards for the country. However, it won't happen without a fight, in particular from big businesses that are completely against the injustices spreading across the country as the fight to overturn Roe. v Wade heats up. 

Beauty brands in particular are urgently stepping up to make sure that the voices of women are heard, and that they have the adequate financial backing to do so. They're making these strides through the creation of new product, pledging proceeds, and teaming up with organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. 


The lipstick brand that always has women in mind recently gave proceeds from its liquid matte lipsticks to organizations benefitting women's reproductive rights. 

"Given the recent bans, we added a “KEEP ABORTION SAFE” option at checkout for all orders of F*ck Trump. Through next week, 100% of earnings from “KEEP ABORTION SAFE” orders will be donated to organizations that provide reproductive healthcare, work to make abortion more accessible, and fight to take down unfair laws," the brand said on its Instagram.


The luxury haircare brand founded by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin will be donating proceeds of funds to Planned Parenthood. 

"For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been deciding whether or not, as a brand, it is our place to take a stance on the recent legislation regarding women’s reproductive rights... To put our money where our mouth is, we’ll be donating $10,000 to support @plannedparenthood’s mission to provide health care both domestically and abroad. On top of that, for every like this post gets, we’ll donate an additional $1 – up to $10K," Ouai recently announced.


The brand that targets ingrown hairs is donating $1 of every purchase to reproductive rights.

"At Fur, we’re proud to support everyone’s right to make their own choices about their bodies. Whether that’s pubic hair or reproductive rights, no one should be able to diminish your choice in any way. We’re proud to stand with other female founders in opposition to these backwards, anti-choice political threats to reproductive rights," Fur said on Instagram. 


Through the Benefit Bold Is Beautiful Project, the brand will be donating 100% of its brow wax proceeds to brands benefitting the empowerment of women, including Planned Parenthood. 

"At Benefit, we give 100% so women & girls can be 100%. As part of our #BoldisBeautiful Project, we donate 100% of Benefit's brow wax proceeds in May, and 100% of Benefit's magenta #3DBROWtones proceeds year-round to local charities supporting women & girls across the globe," it declared via Instagram. 

MAC Cosmetics

By expanding its Viva Glam Campaign, the longtime supporter of HIV/Aids awareness is broadening its reach to reproductive rights. MAC has pledged $500,000 over two years to Planned Parenthood and its efforts. 

Beautiful Rights 

Since its inception, Beautiful Rights has pledged 20% of its proceeds to organizations that put women first. All of its lipsticks are packed with a serious dose of girl power. 

"Beauty should empower, not dictate your value as a woman. We make cosmetics that enhance your natural beauty and shine a light on women's issues through sales donations," it declared on Instagram. 

Herbivore Botanicals

What's better than clean beauty that also gives back? The vegan and cruelty free brand has pledged $5 from its its fan-favorite Phoenix Facial Oil to the ACLU. 

"Starting today until June 16th, $5 of every Phoenix Facial Oil (including all Phoenix Oil sets) sold will be donated to the @aclu_nationwide to support their fight against unjust abortion bans," it said. 

The Lipstick Lobby

The Lipstick Lobby has created a bright pink, full-coverage shade just for our rights! 

"Our #KissMyPinkshade is a bold pink hue that donates 100% of net profits to @plannedparenthood so everyone can have access to necessary healthcare!" the brand said to reveal the new shade on Instagram.