It's a hard time in America.

With a president who refuses to condemn white supremacists, who calls women pigs and transgender people a "disruption," who perpetuates rape culture with his rhetoric, and is actively trying to defund Planned Parenthood — it is more important than ever that we support each other.

One of the best ways we can combat the threats many marginalized groups in America are facing is with our dollars — and beauty brands are stepping up. Here's a round-up of some boss beauty products you can purchase to stand with PP, donate to the ACLU, support the victims of Charlottesville, and support women's healthcare.

Fuck Trump lipstick by Lip Slut, $20

Fuck Trump lipstick
photo: Lip Slut

Lip Slut Fuck trump lipstick ($20, Lip Slut)

Previously donating 50% of its proceeds to a charity of your choice, Lip Slut is now donating 100% of its proceeds to the victims of the Charlottesville terror attack. 

The lipstick, aptly named "Fuck Trump," is available in a matte pink shade for only $20, and the packaging is super spot on. Just make sure to type "CHARLOTTESVILLE" at check-out!

Kiss My Pink lipstick by The Lipstick Lobby, $19

The Lipstick Lobby Kiss My Pink lipstick ($19, The Lipstick Lobby)

The Lipstick Lobby is currently selling a bold fuchsia lipstick, with 100% of the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

According to InStyle, in the fall the brand will add a red shade to their collection, with $5 of the proceeds from that shade going to the ACLU. We want them both already!

Beautiful Rights lip products, $24 each

Beautiful Rights lipsticks and gloss ($24 each, Beautiful Rights)

Beautiful Rights is committed to women's rights and promoting gender justice. According to their mission statement they, "give 20% [of proceeds to a women's charity of your choice] to represent the fact that women in the U.S. overall continue to be paid 20% less than men for the same work." 

There are three lip colors you can purchase a rose color named "Pantsuit Pink," a neutral pink named "Politically Pout," and a champagne rose gloss named "Gloss Ceiling." Individually they cost $24 each, but you can get all three for $64.  

MAC Viva Glam lipsticks, $17.50 each

MAC Viva Glam lipstick
photo: Mac

MAC Viva Glam lipsticks ($17.50 each, MAC)

MAC Viva Glam line of lipsticks have long been a staple in many of our beauty closets, and you may already know that 100% of the purchase price goes toward the MAC AIDS Fund. Consider this as another reminder to re-stock your collection of the cult classic: MAC remains committed to "addressing the link between poverty and HIV/AIDS by supporting diverse organizations around the world." With Trump's continued attempts to repeal Obamacare, this is an especially important time to support this initiative.

Facial Mask for Women's Rights by Zolia Vera, $17.95

Facial Mask for Women's Rights by Zolia Vera ($17.95, Etsy)

Beauty brand Zolia Vera offers a rose clay facial mask with ingredients like lavender, honey, and oats that retails for only $17.95. Along with receiving a facial mask packed with some seriously beautiful smelling and skin soothing ingredients, 50% of the proceeds of this mask will go to Planned Parenthood. So you can practice self-care while also promoting women's healthcare!

Support Your Local Girl Gang lip balms by SoulShineSoapCompany, $4 each

Support Your Local Girl Gang lip balms by SoulShineSoapCompany ($4 each, Etsy)

SoulShineSoapCompany is another Etsy brand that can help you support your local girl gang with a variety of lip balms. The Support Your Local Girl Gang lip balms come in flavors "raspberry rebellion," "frosty feminist," "Orange ReZESTance," and "Grab 'em by the Coconuts." The lip balms retail for $4 each or $15 for all four flavors. With any purchase, 25% of the sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Coconut Body Butter and Face Serum by EARTH TU FACE, $42 and $62 respectively

Coconut Body Butter and Face Serum by EARTH TU FACE ($42 an $62 respectively, EARTH TU FACE)

This 100% natural skincare line sells a coconut body butter with delicious ingredients like cardamom, cocoa butter, and coconut and olive oils that retails for $42, with five percent of each sale going to Planned Parenthood. Additionally the brand sells a Blue Chamomile and Carrot Seed face serum that retails for $62 with five percent of its proceeds going to the ACLU.

So you can stand with PP and help fight for civil rights by buying all natural sustainable products that seem like they smell very dreamy. 

Kiss For The Cure Butterstick Lip Treatment Duo by Kiehl's, $32

Kiehl's lip balm
photo: Kiehl's

Kiss For The Cure Butterstick Lip Treatment Duo by Kiehl's ($32, Kiehl's

Kiehl's offers an adorable package of two of their most popular lip balms, with 100% of the net profits benefiting Bright Pink for breast cancer education programs. Specifically, one set helps 12 women gain access to breast cancer prevention and early detection.

The set costs $32 and the balms come in untinted, and a rose color.