A video from iconic black feminist scholar bell hooks (who chooses to use lowercase letters in her name) has surfaced on Reddit and Twitter. In it, the "Feminism is for Everybody" author revealed why she stopped supporting Hillary Clinton:

"I've talked a lot in these past few days about having once been a very pro-Hillary supporter," she said in the video, which appears to come from her residency at The New School in October 2014. "But finding at this stage of life and this stage of her politics that I can longer be a Hillary Clinton supporter in the name of feminism.

hooks continued, "There are certain things I don't want to co-sign in the name of feminism, that I think are militarist, imperialist, white supremacist — whether they're conducted by women or men."

Here's the full video, which you absolutely should watch:

It's not just hooks who has called out Hillary for her sketchy past, including her support for a Honduran regime that has murdered indigenous leaders in the country, and co-signing the disastrous policies of her husband's administration that actively hurt black Americans in the nineties.

On Friday, Clinton got a lot of heat on Twitter for her reprehensible (and inaccurate) remarks on the Reagan administration's involvement with HIV/AIDS treatment.

"There are a lot of women that are feeling political turmoil right now because of our history of supporting feminists, supporting a woman, looking forward to the day that we can say 'Oh, we have a woman president,'" hooks said in the video.

"And that constant challenge about identity politics versus 'who are you and what do you stand for?''