The oversexualization of women is pervasive everywhere but especially on social media. From inappropriate jokes to comments about the appearance of our bodies, we can never seem to just exist in peace. Even worse, the subjects of many of these remarks are underage girls. 

Singer Billie Eilish knows this all too well after Twitter erupted over a photo of her wearing a simple tank top that garnered inappropriate comments from dozens of men. However, women and men alike quickly came to her defense, blasting the perverts for admiring what they referred to as a "thick" body.

There's always one thing we can expect from singer Billie Eilish's style. 

Baggy pants, a baggy top, and usually some kind of baggy outerwear. The boyish style is one we've come to love and is a staple of Eilish's grunge persona. Nobody has really thought twice about it nor the reason she's chosen to dress that way. Because why would we? The 17-year-old is free to wear whatever she'd like. 

But that changed when she simply wore a tank top. 

photo: Twitter
Yep, nothing crazy, just a white ribbed tank top. However, the seemingly normal photo from a now-deleted Twitter post, became anything but when an inappropriate Twitter user referred to Eilish as "thick." And it didn't stop there. That same perverted commenter went on to find more photos of Eilish in the snug shirt and even dug up an old photo of Eilish at 14 wearing shorts.

Twitter, however, didn't take too well to it.

"The fact that Billie Eilish is a child going to great lengths to hide her physical self from people to avoid being sexualized only to be sexualized the moment anyone sees her in something not reminiscent of a TENT makes me want to barehanded snap necks I'm just sayin," said an angry Twitter user.

It all further justified Eilish's decision to constantly conceal her body. 

The singer has said that the reason she wears baggy clothes is to avoid situations just like this one. 

"Casual reminder that Billie Eilish, a seventeen year old girl, has said that she deliberately wears baggy clothes so she *isn’t* sexualised this way by a misogynistic culture that thrives on sexualising teenage girls," someone noted. 

But of course dozens of men, all of whom belong behind bars, tried to justify it. 

"Some of these 30-year-old dudes going full To Catch A Predator on folks for sexualizing 17-year-old Billie Eilish are the same dudes I've seen gawking at 18-year-olds, as if that 1 year makes you any less of a creep. Maybe just... find someone your age?" someone said in response to men who thought to note that Eilish will be 18 in six months. 

But it didn't stop some. 

Many simply didn't understand that regardless of age, the decision to sexualize Eilish was both wrong and downright disgusting. 

"Listen guys Billie eilish is like 17 and all yall saying she'll be 18 in December are missing the point. even when shes 18 sexualizing her isnt okay. grow some brain cells," someone said. 

And women with larger breasts can empathize. 

Even now, far past 18, I still find myself trying to conceal my 36 DDD breasts out of fear that not only men will carry on with their creep ways, but that even women will look on in disgust. 

"Feel well upset about the billie eilish pic going round atm, as someone who felt super uncomfortable having big boobs from a v young age its upsetting to see ppl comment on her body even tho she always tries to hide it," another sister in size tweeted.