Let this serve as your weekly reminder that all bodies are crop top bodies. 

After an Instagram account posted a fat-shaming crop top meme using her image, body-positive model Noonie reposted the "skinny girls only" message to her own account with a fire clap back. 

Noonie shared the post to show why body positivity is more necessary than ever.

The confident model told Yahoo! that body positivity still has a long way to go: "We as people would think that since the world is changing that many things would stop and become played out," she said. "But that’s definitely not the case.”

She also served some major crop top truths.

"If crop tops were only made for skinny women, they would only make [them] in a small," said Noonie. "Not medium, large, extra large."

True that! 

Your body, your style, your decision!