Bra shopping is the bane of most women's existence. It requires patience, focus, and a damn good lingerie associate who knows how to measure and choose good-fitting bras. Beyond that, women must be prepared to be disappointed when bra shopping.

How many of us have seen the *perfect* bra only to realize it isn't sold in our size? It happens to me all the time.

That's why illustrator Shea Strauss' hilarious comics about bra shopping resonate so much. The College Humor comic perfectly captures why bra shopping is such a struggle for women — and how we always end up buying the same bra in different colors.

Most women can relate to this. Once we've found a decent bra, we hold on to it until the cup runneth over — literally.

Yep, we love whipping out that measuring tape and those how-to tutorials.

The internet is full of tips for measuring bra sizes at home, but getting properly measured is important. A 2014 study from Triumph, a Swiss lingerie company, found that 64% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. 

Getting measured gets rid of the confusion — unless, of course, the associate doing the measuring gets it wrong too. 

Accurate as hell!

Bra shopping is quite the unpleasant experience, especially for women with bigger breasts.

"I fucking hate how ugly all the bras are pretty much from a C cup and up," Rachel Farkas told Revelist in April. "It is possible to find something with a bit of lace, but then you're paying an arm and a leg. The first time I went to buy a good quality bra, I cried in the dressing room. Why are they all the same color? Nude and tan and taupe almost exclusively."

It's the only way to *possibly* get a cute bra that fits well.

Every introvert knows this struggle far too well.

Satan created underwire, so there's that.

The lopsided-breast struggle is too damn real.

There's only one thing left to do when you finally stumble on a cute bra that's great fitting...