Comedian Chelsea Handler is no modest mouse. 

The Chelsea-Lately-turned-Netflix star posed naked for her 2.6 million Twitter followers and says (or does) what she wants — like calling Donald Trump a butt-hole — without thinking twice about the backlash. She also genuinely gives a shit about a woman's right to choose — for a very personal reason. 

In an essay for Playboy, Handler opens up about the two abortions she had at 16, and why she cares so much about protecting a woman's right to choose.

Not only does Handler not regret her abortions, she's thankful she had the right to have them.

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"The idea that I would have a child and raise it by myself at that age, when I couldn’t even find my way home at night, was ridiculous," she wrote in her "My Choice essay." "My parents recognized that, so they acted like parents for one of the very first times in my life and took me to Planned Parenthood. I felt parented, ironically, while I was getting an abortion." 

She wrote that she felt relieved after she had the abortions.

She gave a nod to Planned Parenthood who didn't let her shitty, and admittedly irresponsible mistakes, ruin her life — or a kid's life.

"We all make mistakes all the time. I happened to fuck up twice at the age of 16. I’m grateful that I came to my senses and was able to get an abortion legally without risking my health or bankrupting myself or my family," she wrote. 

However, in some places, women (or teens) aren't so fortunate. 

Though the Supreme Court just awesomely ruled that the nation's most restrictive abortion laws, Texas' HB2, are unconstitutional, there are so many loopholes in other states that prevent them from getting the safe, affordable care they need. For instance, in Oklahoma, abortion providers can be treated like felons and, in Alabama, women who get them are akin to sex offenders

"At least five states — Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming — currently have only one clinic left within their borders," Handler wrote. 

Still, she doesn't let that skew her confidence in Roe v. Wade, or her own decisions.

"I’m 41 now. I don’t ever look back and think, God, I wish I’d had that baby," she wrote.

She concluded by applauding people for making the best decision for their lives.

"There are people who think women shouldn’t hold high-powered positions, or who think Obama is Muslim, and it’s okay for them to have those thoughts; they just can’t act on them in a civilized society," she wrote. "It’s okay if you think it’s not right for women to have abortions — but it’s not your problem, because we decide."

Of course, she doesn't let the importance of the topic get in the way of her brutal honesty:

"Anybody who carefully decides not to become a parent — let alone a bad parent, which is what I would have become — should be applauded for making a smart and sustainable decision. I’d love for somebody to try to tell me what to do with my body. I dare them."