Fat women deal with so much BS. We're told how to dress, what to eat, and even what labels we should be offended by. The criticism is especially bad when it comes to dating. When we're not being told to lose weight to snag a man, we're being scrutinized for the partner we choose. Oh, and don't let that partner be thin.

The shade flows in waves for fat women in relationships with skinny men.

Ghanaian bride Mzznaki Tetteh learned how cruel fat hatred can be when she posted her engagement photos on Instagram. Fat-shamers hurled insults at Tetteh and her now-husband, Kojo Amoah, for daring to be a mixed-size couple. Though she elegantly handled the hate, Tetteh's experience shows just how much plus-size women endure when they're loved by someone who society says shouldn't be attracted to them.

Worst of all, most of the hate is crouched in compliments. Backhanded compliments are passive-aggressive swords designed to simultaneously uplift women while reminding us that we're unworthy. For those who are unsure if they've shaded a fat woman with a skinny boyfriend, here are seven of the worst "compliments" we're tired of hearing.

"He's really handsome! How did you pull him?"

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Girl, I'm a goddess. You didn't know?

"You're a very lucky girl!"

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I'm lucky because a thinner man finds me attractive? As if there's something unattractive about my fat rolls? Right.

"Wow, *I* can't even get a boyfriend who looks that good."

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You could, if you didn't spew ridiculous statements like that.

"Your personality must be so amazing."

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I do have an amazing personality — and my body's beautiful too. Don't play yourself.

"Wow, he must really love you!"

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I guess a skinny man couldn't possibly be physically attracted to a larger woman. Knock it off.

"You must make him laugh every day."

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Yes, I make him laugh. I also seduce him quite often because, you know, fat women can be sexy too.

"I'm glad to see he's actually happy... with you."

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Listen here, hater: I'm smart as hell, cute as hell, and loving as hell. Why wouldn't he be happy?