Donald Trump has proven that he doesn't deserve to be within 50 feet of any woman. He bragged about physically assaulting women with his "grab them by the pussy" comment, and has continuously made vulgar, reductive, unsolicited comments about women's appearances. 

Radio host Howard Stern has heard it all, and now (unsurprisingly, way after the election), he's made tapes of more of Trump's sexist comments available to Factbase.

At the request of Factbase, Howard Stern has finally made tapes from 1993 to 2015 available to the public.

Howard Stern had the audacity to claim that it would have been unfair of him to release his interviews with Donald Trump during the campaign, according to Newsweek, who was given the tapes before they were made publicly available. And while it probably wouldn't have changed much, considering that none of the content is surprising, it's horrifying that Stern seems to think Trump would be the victim had the tapes been released.

Consisting of more words than his own book, according to Newsweek, the tapes reveal appallingly sexist and inflammatory comments. Several publications such as the Washington Post and Stylist have been sifting through the offensive interviews, and the quotes that have been found are deeply disturbing. We've compiled some of them below.

He calls the bodies of women who have given birth a "horror."

After referring to a then-pregnant Melania (his wife and the first lady) as a "blimp," he says she's gained weight "in the right places." Of course, he then laments, "She is — she has really become a monster." After birth, he demands, "Melania has a day to get back in shape."

Going on a rant about the importance of women "springing back" after pregnancy, he declares, "And I've seen them all types, I've seen beautiful women that for the rest of their lives have become a horror." He takes pleasure in policing Melania's body, and he takes even more pleasure in judging the bodies of other women. A few minutes later, he claims Heidi Klum had to "work hard" to "spring back" and yet she still looks "off."

donald trump kiss melania trump
photo: Reuters

He rates women's appearances on a scale of 1-10, uses homophobic rhetoric, and fetishizes black women.

At one point, he goes on a 10-minute tirade where he gives the cast of "Desperate Housewives," contestants on Miss Universe, and various celebrities (including Paris Hilton, who he's known since she was a little girl) scores to judge their appearances, calling many of them flat-chested 4's and 5's that would "turn them gay."  Then, Howard Stern follows up with a slew of racist questions.

"Would you ever be with a black woman? Have you been with a black woman?" After Trump completely violates one woman he's slept with by publicly naming her, he adds she's "a black woman, who is a total great person and a beautiful woman," implying that makes her an exception. It's a disgusting micro-aggression — and early proof of Trump's rampant racism.

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photo: Reuters

He divorced his second wife because of a pimple, apparently.

While discussing his divorce from Marla Maples, Robin Quivers inquires whether he "kicked her right out the door" because she got a pimple. 

"You only tolerate acne," he begins. "The only time you want your chick have acne is if it's because she's a teenager." Not only does he attribute his divorce from one of the mothers of his children to a pimple, he implies that it's totally normal for a grown man like him to date a teenager. 

His blatantly sexist objectification of women is not only infuriating, it's predatory.

Just like his racist, xenophobic, and transphobic rhetoric, his disdain and disrespect for women is dangerous. We cannot condone this, no matter what side of the aisle you're on.