Navigating dating at any size is obscenely hard, but it's even worse when you're plus-size. Men are verbally abusive, report your profile, and are generally dicks.

When plus-size fashion blogger Stephanie Yeboah called out the double standard men express, expecting women to be a certain KIND of plus-size, men quickly came to try to slam her — except she (and the women supporting her) got the last laugh.

Yeboah's now-viral tweet called out the men who expect all plus-size women to look like Ashley Graham.

She called out men who say they like "the right" kind of fat, which includes a flat stomach, large boobs, and a big booty. She clapped back, saying men are flabbergasted when women say they prefer tall men.

Yeboah's post received nearly 48,000 retweets and nearly 109,000 likes.

She then followed up with this gem:

"Man: my woman has to be strong, vulnerable, sassy, a good cook, independent, co-dependent, financially comfortable, freaky and be a lady," she wrote. "She gotta bring a lot to the table."

She then posted a photo of a broken table, because fuck your tables, gents.

She then shaded men who impose financial requirements on women.

But most importantly, she reminded men that they need to respect her preferences, because she respects theirs.

*insert every hand clap emoji there is*

Women then chimed in with their own dating double standards.

Men tried to clap back by saying height is something they can't change, so there's no use shaming them over it.

Here's the thing though: She's not attacking men over a certain height. She's pointing out that preferences should always be respected, and men who attack her for liking a certain height shouldn't be so quick to bombard her with their own preferences.

At the end of the day, what everyone likes is up to them. However, plus-size women are allowed to have as many dating preferences as any man. Why is that such an issue?

We're just going to leave this here.

Mic. Dropped.