Buying boob containers (read: bras) can be daunting and goddamn expensive.

Recently, French retailer DIM came under fire for selling a training bra that promises to correct boob-related "imperfections." FYI, teens are buying these bras.

Casual reminders that breasts are too smalltoo largetoo saggytoo "snoopy" shaped (?), cause us to harbor undue hate for our bodies — and this dissatisfaction starts early.

Thankfully, there's a simple way to fight the negativity forced upon us.

In a Reddit thread, 27-year-old chocofresh revealed that she'd purchased her first unpadded bra after battling insecurity about her breasts.

"I never liked the shape of my breasts when they are soft. For other people they look probably totally normal, she wrote. "They are neither especially beautiful nor especially weirdly formed...Yet, I don't like them at all so I always wear padded bras to get a nice, uniform, round shape that has nothing to do with how my natural breasts look."

Redditor "berned-out" had some sage advice for chocofresh — and for all of us:

"When you're hating your body, take a second and imagine that you're judging your best friend's body, and think, "Would I treat my bestie that way," they wrote.

"If those boobs were on HER, what would you think of them then? It's what I've picked up to stop my own body hating and achieve that self-love they talk about."

Stepping out of your own head is a necessary component of self-care.

It's easy to be your own worst critic. But treating yourself with the kindness you'd treat friend or loved one can stop negative thoughts in their tracks.

This can help assuage all sorts of insecurities, whether they're related to body image, mental health, or something else.

Be good to you. You (and your boobs) deserve it.

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