You may not have heard of Julia Roth and Sophie Tabet, but you’ve definitely seen their work.

Tabet’s production company, LANDED NY, is behind the fun, feminist videos for the Free the Nipple campaign. The duo met Free the Nipple creator Lina Esco in the campaign's early stages. According to Roth and Tabet, the three women instantly connected, and “ran around NYC like young feminist rebels.”

Now, Roth and Tabet are branching out on their own feminist foray. They released the video “Here’s to Sisterhood” on Tuesday, in honor of International Women’s Day. The video showcases women of all ages and races in a powerful tribute to what Tabet and Roth call the “strength, beauty, and individuality” of all women.

When you're done raising your first in the air, check out the Q&A with the creators, below. 

Revelist: What was the impetus for the "Here's to Sisterhood" video?

Roth and Tabet: This has been a pretty big year in terms of shedding light on the inequality between men and women. International Women's Day felt like the perfect time to release a video celebrating the strong and wondrous women around us, promoting love and respect above all. It's part of a larger campaign that will elevate FTN's vision and incorporate a greater sense of gender equality overall.

Revelist: What statement did you want to make with this video?

Roth and Tabet: The statement intended behind this video is simply love yourself, and those around you. Take the time to appreciate the women that helped us get to where we are, and those that will take us further. There is so much negative media around women. Looking at the current landscape in film, women are so often depicted as weak, or are sexually objectified. We wanted to counter that “idea” of women with the reality of their strength, beauty, and individuality. With film in particular, we have the ability to help rewrite the narrative.

Revelist: Where did you find the women featured in your video?

Roth and Tabet: The women in this video are either friends, or friends of friends. We also had a number of younger free the nipple supporters who were incredible to meet.

Revelist: What was it like shooting and editing this video?

Roth and Tabet: Shooting was an absolute delight. Everyone was just stunning. It really reinforced the fact that there are infinite kinds of beauty. And often the thing we are most self-conscious about is often the most beautiful part about us. Plus, we spent most of the shoot laughing! There were even tears, when Julia's mom shared the screen with her — it was beautiful. Editing... took patience.

photo: Vimeo/sophie tabet