Following the lead of Belgium and Portugal, France is considering outlawing catcalling and street harassment, according to the Times. Catcalling and street harassment plague women throughout the world, and too often, perpetrators go unpunished.

Street harassment
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This is why Marlène Schiappa, who is the Minister for Gender Equality in France, refuses to let this continue.

According to the Times, Schiappa brought together a group of politicians to create legislation that will target this disgusting behavior. This would prohibit men from stalking women as they walk and asking them for their contact information incessantly. The proposed legislation may also outlaw making animal noises (like wolf-whistling) at women as well.

Schiappa and the politicians she has assembled will work in tandem to decide what the appropriate punishment will be for perpetrators. Thus far, she's announced that she's hoping to make men who intimidate women in public subject to fines, according to Bazaar.  

If France takes a stand, hopefully many other countries will follow.

Women should be able to wear whatever they want, and go wherever they want, at whatever time of day, without feeling unsafe. When countries take a stand against street harassment, they tell women their concerns are valid. We're excited to see how other countries work to end catcalling, too!