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George Michael was known for his secret generosity. The British pop singer, who died over Christmas, made large donations to organizations like Macmillan Cancer Support, Childline, and HIV-awareness organization Terrence Higgins Trust, among others.

Many individuals have also come forward saying that George Michael was also responsible for donating money to their own personal hardships — including Jo Maidment, who revealed on a British news show that George Michael had anonymously paid for her first round of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.

Maidment had previously appeared on ITV's show "This Morning" to talk about her long struggle with fertility.

"I was home for two days and got a phone call from a PA saying a businessman would like to donate some money for one cycle of IVF for you," Maidment told This Morning. At this point, she didn't know that the "businessman" was none other than George Michael:

I didn’t believe it at first ... and it took me a good few days to respond because that wasn’t what I came on the show for — I wanted to help other people in my position. But then [my husband and I] agreed to it, because [the PA] said it was what this particular man wanted.

Maidment ended up miscarrying after her first treatment, and received flowers from her anonymous benefactor in condolence...

...however, frozen eggs from the same cycle led to a successful pregnancy the next time around. Maidment gave birth to a healthy daughter, Betsy, in 2012.

It wasn't until after Betsy was born that Maidment found out the true identity of her family's guardian angel.

"There was a massive bouquet of flowers that came and I read the card that said, ‘Congratulations to you both. Lots of love to Betsy. Love from Michelle and George Michael (AKA Anonymous) xx,'" she told This Morning. "Me and my husband read it hundreds of times to believe it."

Maidment isn't the only woman George Michael has given money to for IVF treaments, apparently.

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British TV show host Richard Osman revealed on Twitter that the pop star also donated £15,000 to a woman who appeared on "Deal Or No Deal" for the same cause.

Betsy, now four and a half, will know the identity of the man who helped bring her into her parents' lives when she's older, her mom says.

"I was really upset when I found out [that George Michael had died] because I can never thank him," Maidment said. She said she would have loved for him to meet her daughter.

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