green army woman toy soldier
photo: BMC Toys

A young activist complained that there were no women toy soldiers — and now she's getting her wish. 

Six-year-old Vivian Lord wrote a letter to toy companies asking why there were no "girl army men," and received a quick response from Pennsylvania-based BMC Toys. Clearly, no one is too young to make a difference, as Lord's letter has inspired a more diverse line of a classic toy. The toys make an appearance in the Disney classic Toy Story, and again there are no women voices for the little green soldiers. 

The story quickly got picked up by major news outlets, which helped push the company to create a line of women figures by Christmas 2020. 

Little green army men are some of the most "influential" toys of the past 100 years, according to Time magazine's rankings.

Usually coming in a bucket or a bag, these little toy soldiers have been beloved and passed down through generations. Plus, they were an iconic character in the original Toy Story. Sadly, however, army women have never been included in the bundles. 

Six-year-old Vivian Lord inspired BMC Toys to push for army women through her complaint that she didn't have any "girl army men" to play with.

Lord often played with her brother's batch of the army men, but when she got her own after winning them at an arcade, she realized there were no women. So Lord wrote a letter to BMC Toys and it reached the president of the company, Jeff Imel. "Why do you not make girl army men? My friend's mom is in the army too!!! So why don't you make them too!!!!" the 6-year-old wrote. 

The toy soldiers date back to pre–World War I, and have varied in colors but never in gender. 

Some of the little green army men came in varied colors: The German troops came in gray, while the Japanese came in yellow. Plus, there are blue and pink varieties, but even those were still men. Now BMC toys has created three prototypes of figurines that should be available by Christmas 2020. 

The president of BMC Toys said the company was already working on a line of women soldiers, and Lord's letter pushed them to pursue it even more.

Imel shared an update to BMC's website, and stated that there will now be four or five figurines in the batch. All will feature M14 rifles and a traditional military bun. "A lot of Plastic Army Men figures sets are basically all the same figure just posed and equipped differently, but we're going the extra mile to create a more diverse set of unique figures," Imel wrote.

He also revealed that they are working on making them available to pre-order by November.