About 15 to 20% of women in the United States will experience pregnancies that end in miscarriage — but it's hardly ever talked about. There's a stigma about miscarriages, and that leaves women feeling more alone when they have one.

So when Halsey had a miscarriage while on tour, she decided to use her platform to reach out to women who have gone through the same thing.

Halsey told Playboy that all the stories she read about miscarriages were about married women. At a time when she felt scared and alone, she struggled to find resources that addressed what she was going through as a 20-year-old single woman.

"Every time I read a miscarriage story, it’s about a happily married woman who loses a baby, and that’s fucking terrible and I empathize, but I never read 'A 20-year-old girl who’s scared and alone and single had a miscarriage.' And guess what— that happens all around the world every day," she explained.

While it's an extremely personal thing and can be uncomfortable to discuss, it's so valuable when influential women speak out about these experiences. Halsey, for one, wishes she could have reached out to someone who knew what she was going through. That's exactly why she's making a point of sharing her own story.

"I wanted to say something about it because when I was going through it, I was fucking alone," she continued. "I didn’t know any artists I could have called and said, 'Hey, I know this happened to you. What should I do? Can I go back on tour? How long did it take for your hormones to realign?' I had no one to talk to."

Halsey revealed the first place she turned to for help was Planned Parenthood.

Halsey said she's donated $100,000 to Planned Parenthood, and explained why she thinks everyone should support the organization.
"... the first place I went was Planned Parenthood," she said. "All the responses were like, 'Well, if you have $100,000 to donate, why did you have to go to Planned Parenthood?' Other people have controlled this negative narrative that it’s a low-income place... But it’s a doctor’s office. I can afford some of the best health care in the fucking world and I still went there, because I trust it." 

Thank you, Halsey, for standing with Planned Parenthood and speaking out about what should never be a stigmatized issue.