It's all happening: On Wednesday (April 20), Secretary Treasury Jack Lew will announce some major updates to our nation's currency. The big news? Former president/genocidal maniac Andrew Jackson will be booted from the $20 bill and replaced with abolitionist hero Harriet Tubman.

And don't worry "Hamilton" fans, your beloved hero is staying on the 10.

photo: Wikimedia commons

The change comes after grassroots organizations, namely Women on 20s, campaigned tirelessly for over a year to replace Jackson with a woman from history. The group encouraged everyone online to vote for which famous woman they'd like to see on the $20, and Harriet Tubman — badass kween — came out on top.

In case you needed a historical refresher on why finding a replacement for Jackson's long overdue, in 1830, he signed the Indian Removal Act into law, which forced thousands of Native Americans to leave their homes and relocate to crowded reservations. Many died in transit, hence the name "The Trail of Tears."

Harriet Tubman, on the other hand, lead hundreds of slaves to freedom as a "conductor" on the Underground Railroad. Once a slave herself, Tubman escaped in 1849, but returned to the antebellum south countless times in order to help enslaved black people find freedom in the north.

photo: Wikimedia commons

Naturally, twitter is buzzing about the good news:

We'll be looking out for the Treasury Secretary's announcement today. But nevertheless, ladies, feel free to pop a bottle — this is a new era.