Hillary Clinton has persisted through decades of sexist remarks about her appearance. While Clinton still proudly wears her pantsuits, she's admitted to feeling the need to succumb to many of society's beauty standards.

In fact, she revealed in her autobiography that she spent a whopping 600 hours getting her hair and makeup done throughout her 2016 presidential campaign, and she wishes she didn't have to.

She revealed in her autobiography, "What Happened," that when she figured out she spent 600 hours (25 days) getting ready during the campaign, she was shocked.

“I’ve never gotten used to how much effort it takes just to be a woman in the public eye,” she wrote. Clinton quickly pointed out the extremely disappointing double standard:

“I’m not jealous of my male colleagues often, but I am when it comes to how they can just shower, shave, put on a suit, and be ready to go. The few times I’ve gone out in public without makeup, it’s made the news.”
In fact, virtually every single outfit, hairdo, and makeup look she wore throughout her campaign was heavily documented. Trump, who continues to take pleasure in repulsively objectifying women, said Clinton doesn't look "presidential."

Multiple news outlets dedicated full segments to discuss what is "appropriate" for a woman to wear in the workplace as a result.

Instead of focusing on Clinton's policies, reporters often focused on her appearance. This has been the case since she hit the political scene, before she even met former President Bill Clinton. Her pantsuits were representative of her being opinionated, and being opinionated made her an ice queen.

It's criticism that women continue to hear in the workplace. If we dress too much like "one of the boys," we're perceived as "ruthless" and "cold." If we dress too feminine, we become subject to body shaming and slut shaming.

Clinton summed it up perfectly in her autobiography.

"I sigh, and keep getting back in that chair, and dream of a future in which women in the public eye don't need to wear makeup if they don't want to, and no one cares either way." 

H/T: Elle