Many men in the dating abyss are respectful human beings, but a A LOT of #ByeFelipe sort of guys exist too — entitled dudes who insult women because they can't handle rejection.

Los Angeles-based comedian Mike Faverman is one of those dudes.

In screen-shotted messages tweeted to the masses by user Jeremy Burke, we see Faverman ask someone on what appears to be Facebook messenger out, get rejected, then completely lash out. 

We're not sure how Burke got the messages, but Revelist messaged him to find out. 

Rejection — how it always starts.

photo: Twitter

Then the "I-asked-you-out-but-don't-think-its-cuz-you're-that-cute" backtracking begins.

photo: Twitter

This is just gross.

photo: Twitter

No, Mike, YOU are the pig sir.

photo: Twitter

It's not cool to out people, even when they're huge dicks, but Faverman has shared screenshots of the exchange on his own Twitter wall.

With "laughing emoji" faces. 


According to tweets from musician Gabrielle Wortman, Faverman addressed his rage at one of her friends.

photo: Twitter

But he allegedly spewed insults at her as well.

photo: Twitter

"This guy hates women."


Revelist has reached out to Mike Faverman for comment.