Mansplaining is admittedly enraging. However, sometimes it's so egregious, it actually becomes hysterical — and frankly, this Reddit thread might be the best one we've read yet. 

User the_pigeon_overlord shared that she and a male friend were talking about the plausibility of women not knowing they were pregnant. 

Her friend thought that because women's periods stop when they are pregnant, it was "impossible." After the two did some research they discovered that women sometimes experience vaginal bleeding when pregnant, leading to a woman potentially not knowing she was pregnant.

He remained unconvinced and his reasoning was... well, you need to read it to believe it:

"He then proceeded to tell me why it would be impossible to mistake the 'different types of blood coming from your vagina' — as apparently periods, by his knowledge, is just a red, snotty consistency that blobs out every once in a while for a week. I then told him about what a period actually feels like; that it can be very different and be more like a slow trickle of hell water seeping unendingly from your vag if not wearing a tampon, which is why other women could be mistaken with general vaginal bleeding or whatever it is that happens on those occasions when women don't realize they're pregnant until the very late stages. My friend then told me I was wrong and that's not at all what periods are like, it's like having a runny nose when you are sick and you need to blow all the shit out of it and it would feel similar to that."


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And she wasn't alone in her frustration. Users chimed in to express their befuddlement.

Some shared their own awful mansplaining horror stories.

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Some just basked in the hilarity of it all.

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Ah, if only... 

Others gave her "suggestions on how to handle it."

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But in all seriousness, men — please don't try to tell us how our bodies work or feel. Just like we have no idea how it feels to have "blue balls" or "morning wood," y'all don't know shit about our vaginas.