Spring is a magical time: the weather gets warmer, your enemies suffer from seasonal allergies, and most importantly, it's the beginning of crop top season!

But we're constantly inundated with reasons why we should be insecure about our bodies and cover up, crop tops, bikinis and the like have been hailed as an elite treat — a prize that's only awarded to a certain set of bodies (i.e. thin people).

Thankfully, singer-songwriter, YouTuber, and body positive kween Meghan Tonjes made a video to set the record very fucking straight: All bodies can rock a crop top. Period. The End.

"I have flabby, fat arms," Tonjes said. "They jiggle. Okay I get it. I have dimples. I have rolls. I have a stomach that a lot of people — I'm sure — it would be their worst nightmare to have."

"For the small amount of time that you are here on this earth," she added, "Life is TOO F*CKING short to be uncomfortable." PREACH.

Tonjes explained that self-acceptance is a process. "As a kid who went to high school, who never really wore shorts and never really wore dresses and stayed very, very covered, overwhelmingly — and as of lately — I've been rocking crop tops," she said.

All that said, here's the hallelujah chorus:

Did you want that on a motivational poster? Maybe one with a unicorn on it? Don't worry, I got you.

photo: iStock/Revelist

You can watch the video in full below:

Revelist has reached out to Meghan Tonjes for comment.