Once a misogynist, always a misogynist — and a racist, or so it seems that way for Mike Faverman, based on new images and tweets provided to Revelist from another woman he interacted with. 

Here's the backstory: Earlier this week, Revelist first reported on the LA-based comedian's disgusting texts to a woman who turned him down. 

Among the horrendous lines from his temper tantrum, he told her that "when a nice guy asks you out sometime, try to be polite and cordial, being an angry c*nt is not a way to go through life."

"Best of luck, hope I didn't give you the wrong impression that you were hot just because I asked you to dinner, PIG," he ended. 

After the story broke, many women reported similar hostile behavior he conducted towards them.

Per multiple women, he's used the same insult-riddled antics when rejected as the texts that went viral.

But according to a source that spoke with Revelist under the promise of anonymity, Faverman is apparently a racist (and dick pic sender), too.

The female source, a former friend of Faverman's in LA, told Revelist that he sent her an unsolicited picture of his penis in December. The two spent the day together and three hours later, he sent her the pic. 

She sent Revelist their text conversations, time-stamped, to confirm. (The source asked to not have the screenshots published.) 

The picture, which Revelist blurred out below for privacy of the source, allegedly features Faverman wearing only a suit jacket, with his penis peaking out from underneath the bottom hem. 

photo: Revelist

The source ignored the initial image (read: form of sexual harassment) but he asked her if she was mad, to which she responded "trying not to barf."

He then said "great head shot... if it was black you would be licking the screen."

After she made a joke about his size, he tried to come at her career, saying "so far I've helped you write, gotten u gigs, bought u meals, made u a part of a show I created, taken u places, introduced you to cool people, driven you to cool places..."

Then he resorted to his usual rant, hurling insults at the woman. 

"What you don't seem to understand is that I don't find you attractive, which is why I've never hit on you," he wrote. 

"I just feel like i found out i had a false friend," the source told Revelist. 

Then things took an even uglier turn.

The source explained to Revelist she made fun of his weight in jest while they went to dinner a few months earlier. 

He brought that up in their Dec. 18 conversation, using racist stereotypes to make a comparison about her comment. 

"U date apes. Maybe u should eat bananas only. Does that sound ignorant? That's basically what you said to me," he wrote. 

The source never responded. He never apologized, but on January 5, he asked her if they were still able to be friends. 

Despite having to shut down his social media accounts for at least most of Tuesday and allegations like the above made against him, the man doesn't seem to have learned any valuable lessons on respect or remorse.

photo: Twitter

He tweeted the above photo on May 17. 

Revelist reached out to Faverman for comment, but he has yet to respond. 

But given that even some of his industry peers can give him the benefit of the doubt, we don't expect any apologies anytime soon.

This guy may be a decent comedian, but when it comes to women, he comes up short.