In America, Trump calls women "bimbos," "dogs," and "fat piglets." In New Zealand, a politician is calling his rival "lipstick on a pig." So there's your daily reminder that sexism in politics is thriving nowadays.

To fire back at the New Zealand politician's reprehensible remarks, women all over the world are taking to Twitter with #LipstickOnAPig to drag this disgusting chauvinism.

According to BuzzFeed, Gareth Morgan, the founder of the Opportunities party in New Zealand, came after new opposition leader Jacinda Ardern on Twitter by claiming that people were focusing on her appearance rather than her policies. 

Which is ironic, considering he was literally criticizing her appearance and not her policies in his tweet.

In response to one Twitter user talking about Ardern's recent success, he tweeted: 

"Sure but it's pathetic isn't it?All that matters is policy.Jacinda should be required to show she's more than lipstick on a pig.Will she be?"

Hillary Barry, a television personality in New Zealand, fired the first shot by reclaiming #LipstickOnAPig as a movement to call out Gareth Morgan's blatant sexism.

Women across New Zealand were quick to join her by posting their own selfies, declaring they are not here for your #EverydaySexism.

Others insisted Gareth Morgan will never have their vote.

"Because sexism in politics is so out of date... "

Some pointed out that Morgan was also being a hypocrite, based on how he rose to power.

Sound familiar, America?

Others took advantage of the situation to roast Morgan for the pig that HE is for using such sexist rhetoric.

Morgan addressed his gross language by a claiming it's a good euphemism for Ardern's party.

According to BuzzFeed, he wrote in a statement:

"'Putting lipstick on a pig' is a euphemism for a meaningless face lift or makeover. And until such a time that we see real change from the Labour Party we think that the euphemism is appropriate."

But is it really? Consider that this criticism could have only been hurled at a female politician.

Luckily, the prime minister of New Zealand condemned the rash comment. Politics SHOULD be about policy, not appearance. It should also not be about using juvenile, sexist rhetoric in order to belittle your opponent. 

We were infuriated when literal bullying and fear-mongering scored Trump the presidency here, and we hope that this same rhetoric won't indoctrinate Morgan's constituency in New Zealand. We certainly don't need more of that in the world.

H/T: BuzzFeed