Women are already fighting rampant sexism in the workplace and on the sidewalks  — and now they have to worry about parking lots too.

On May 28, a Chinese newspaper reported that a highway service has been offering extra-large parking spaces specifically for women. Not only are these spaces 1.5 times bigger than a normal space, but they're also painted bright pink. Um, what?

This begs the question: Why can’t women just use regular parking spaces? These gendered parking slots are about as ridiculous as Colgate for Men and Bic for Her pens. Items like toothpaste, pens, earplugs, or parking spots should not be gendered. 

Gendering products reinforces the idea that men and women are so utterly different that they can not use the same basic items. For example, women must have their own pink and purple pens because regular pens are simply too hefty for their dainty hands. This kind of logic is ridiculous — and sexist. 

A woman can use any pen that a man uses, just like a woman is capable of parking anywhere a man can. 

Pan Tietong, the service area’s manager told the newspaper: "The bigger parking spaces are for women drivers whose driving skills are not superb." He continued by saying that the spots "are especially designed for women drivers" and that including them is a "humane measure."

These spots are obviously perpetuating a stereotype that all women are bad drivers. In fact, an oft cited study done in 2004 found that 94% of deadly accidents are actually caused by men. So, not only is this stereotype idiotic, but it's also factually inaccurate.

This blatant sexism and perpetuation of an inaccurate stereotype is disgustingly ridiculous.