Good art imitates life, but the best art shines a light on the dark parts.

That's exactly what Elonë, a young artist from Karlsruhe, Germany, has been doing with her project, called #PadsAgainstSexism. Elonë puts powerful feminist quotes (literally) on display by attaching them to menstrual pads and hanging them around her city.

Elonë period pad art

Translates to: "My name is not 'baby.'"

photo: @elona_x/Instagram

Elonë's project started making waves last year.

According to her Tumblr, Elonë's series was first inspired by a sobering tweet from @cutequeer96:

"Imagine if men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods," the original tweet reads.

With this in mind, Elonë started putting pads in public places.

Each of her "pads against sexism" tackle the sneaky misogyny and rape culture that plague our lives.

Elonë has inspired feminists around the world to grow her project into a movement.

Children in Saravejo, Bosnia helped Elonë make this pad, which translates to: "My voice is as important as yours!" "My body, my choice!"

Each of Elonë's #PadsAgainstSexism posts have garnered thousands of likes and reblogs on her Instagram and Tumblr.

Commenters from California, Mexico and more say they've been inspired to continue the project in their hometowns.

They weren't kidding.

In just a year, #PadsAgainstSexism have shown up in Bloomington, Indiana, Manchester, England and more.

So if you've got a pad and something to say, you can be part of the revolution.