After a year filled with Photoshop, fat-shaming, and the ever-present reminder that plus-size bodies aren't welcome, there's nothing we love more than a photo shoot that's all about self-love, regardless of size.

Roz "The Diva" Mays shared a picture from a recent shoot, where she was photographed bathed in black metallic alongside other athletes.

"The process of transmuting the skin metallic displaces the constellation of skin tones and strips bare preconceptions while illuminating physical radiance," photographer Michel Leroy said of the photo series.

Instagram removed Mays' original photo due to censorship violation, and she reposted the photo with emojis covering her nipples.

The photo series, titled "Alchemy," is meant to explore "the tension between sensuality and physicality."

Mays captioned her photos with equal fire: 

"The Patriarchy: 'be a small timid white girl with a desk job who eats kale!' Me and @michelleroyphoto: 'Fuck yo' couch.'"

The series also features Shaina Cruea, the 2014 US National Pole Champion.

Dancers Accro Brandon and Jeni Janover also took part.

The full show and collection is debuting on January 25, 2018 at The Wall in New York City. We CANNOT wait.