The one good thing about this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is that it prompted multiple body-positive shows to rise up against it.

The latest show to clap back at the lack of inclusivity on the VS runway was a guerilla-style show in New York City, featuring nearly two dozen volunteers of all shapes and sizes.

The Real Catwalk show took place in Times Square and featured women of all shapes and sizes making their way down the city street runway.

The show was meant to celebrate women, instead of serve up "aspiration" that no one can really relate to.

"Some girls are curvy and some are petite, some are fit and some have never worked out," body-positive activist and model Khrystyana revealed in a caption. "Women of different cultures, skin tones. There will be transgender women, women of different ages and sexual orientation, full made up face and some with no make up, waxed or unwaxed legs, vegans and carnivores. All walks of life are welcome and there's no discrimination!"

Walking down the faux runway was hardly an easy feat.

The runway (which was really a city street, btw) was smack dab in the middle of Times Square and during the day, which meant the models were subject to the stares of tourists and passersby. It was also blisteringly cold — just above 40 degrees.

Women flew in from all over the country to participate.

"We want all women to feel empowered, strong, beautiful," Khrystyana wrote. "No media should dictate to you what’s wrong with you and how you should change. YOUR body knows best what you need and it already deserves to be your closest loving friend!"

Each model looked flawless.

No lumps, bumps, rolls, or cellulite were kept hidden.

And why should any of it be hidden? Each woman looked beautiful as is, no angel wings (or cultural appropriation) required.

Hey, Victoria's Secret!

THIS is just as beautiful...

... as this.

Victoria's Secret fashion show
photo: Splash

And next year, y'all better remember that.