When La’Shaunae Steward posted a photo of herself proudly wearing a t-shirt with skateboard magazine Thrasher's logo, she probably didn't think she'd become the target of a cruel Twitter troll.

However, we'd also wager that she didn't expect the internet, including model Reece King, to rally behind her. 

Steward's original intention when she posted a photo series on Instagram was to show off the fraying detail she spent a week doing on her denim skirt.

As you can see, Thrasher's logo is featured prominently on her shirt. 

Instead of letting this burgeoning fashion queen live, a troll took the opportunity to insult her.

"I've been wanting to learn how to skate for such a long time," Steward told BuzzFeed. "...and I've always been scared of being 'too fat.' I was bullied from elementary school to high school, so this is what this situation felt like all over again."

But Reece King, who has officially lived up to his last name with this act, shut that shit down quickly with a single tweet.

And when other trolls tried to justify the original troll's actions, King stepped up again:

fat shaming
photo: Twitter/reeceking

And again:

photo: Twitter/reeceking


Steward also received a lot of love and support from random internet users as well. One "fan" even turned her into a badass skateboarder.

Steward also told BuzzFeed the artwork was "a huge fuck you" to her trolls. 

Overall Steward says she'll keep on slaying and letting the hate roll off her back.

You go, girl!