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Every time news about a size-inclusive line hits my inbox, I can't help but cheer. With so few brands out there catering to a curvy or plus-size audience in a way that doesn't scream matronly, it really is worth celebrating when you finally come across one that does.

When Reformation — you know, that cool-girl, sustainable brand that's made waves for its beautiful dresses and minimalistic pieces — first announced a capsule collection with extended sizes, it was a THRILL. However, the model the brand chose to collaborate with might actually be a far cry from body positive.

Reformation partnered with Ali Tate Cutler, a curve model.

Ali Tate Cutler fat-shaming
photo: Reformation

Cute top, BTW.

Despite being the face of a collection that makes an effort to include extended sizes, she has said some pretty wild things in the past.

Back in 2016, Alysse Dallesandro, a plus-size fashion blogger and designer, called out Cutler for shaming plus-size bodies.

Cutler claimed that "being obese is bad for the environment."

Her comment was in response to a post Dalessandro shared on Facebook from Everyday Feminism, titled, "11 Reasons Your Phony Concern With Fat People's Health Has Got to Stop." 

While Cutler did eventually issue a half-hearted apology, she then insisted she was being cyber bullied. The entire exchange was captured on Dances With Fat.

Fast-forward to the Reformation collaboration, a year later.

After much hoopla, the brand finally announced that it's "sorry it took us so long" and announced the collection with Cutler.

However, Cutler's comments haven't left people's memories.

While Reformation hasn't addressed the controversy yet, we really wish the brand would've done due diligence when picking a collaborator for a line that's so long overdue.

There are so many other wonderful plus-size and curve models Reformation could've chosen from — Tabria Majors, Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Paloma Elsesser, and COUNTLESS others — so it's such a massive disappointment that the brand chose to work with one with such a controversial history.

Hopefully this is a learning experience for the brand for future collaborations.

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