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But perhaps the worst of Drewe's censored word search was the fact that words straight-up related to women are banned.

photo: Mandy Velez/Revelist

The terms #woman, #womancrushwednesday and #women are all banned on the app. You can still search #womens #womensfashion #womeninbusiness and similar terms, but not the singular noun. 

Man, however, is searchable with over 1 million results. 

This just goes to show that women, even without embellishments — even when they're celebrated — can't escape the consequences of being an objectified group. 

The terms that also relate to race, and also identifiers of women of color who are also objectified, like #mixedgirls, #SpanishGirls and #MexicanGirls are also unsearchable. 

Instagram told The New York Times that they ban certain words to prevent users from uploading and tagging nudity.

Thousands of images get uploaded every hour, which make filtering through each tag for explicit content daunting. But Drewe agrees this method isn't effective. 

"When many of the tags become uncensored, the spam is back immediately," he told Revelist. 

Revelist has reached out to Instagram but has yet to get a response. 

Until Instagram finds a way to resolve the issue, and punish the true perpetrators, expect to see a few misspelled hashtags in the foreseeable future. Of course, we're more than just a few words with a pound sign, but that doesn't mean we don't want the option to use them. 

Check out the comprehensive list (out of 10,000 API tag searches) of banned hashtags below:

Banned as of today

photo: Revelist

Permanently banned tags

photo: Revelist