Another woman trying to do her job has sparked mass outrage online, because it's a day that ends in "y."

Last week, teacher Paris Monroe posted a few photos of herself in the classroom on her (now private) Instagram. She dresses her curves in body con dresses and cardigans — and looks professional AF.

But somehow, the photos made their way to Twitter, which ignited a firestorm over whether or not her outfits were "appropriate" for school. Sigh.

Twitter even dubbed her "#TeacherBae."

Thankfully, many fired back at the racism and sexism of Monroe's critics.

#TeacherBae reveals a sad reality: People will stoop to any low to police women's bodies.

Attacks on Monroe's appearance are just thinly veiled attempts to control how a grown ass woman chooses to live her life. It's misogyny 101.

Based on the fact she was just named "teacher of the month," I'd say Monroe doesn't need any advice on how to do her job — especially not from Twitter randos.