Looks like Victoria's Secret doesn't just keep plus-size women from the runway — it allegedly keeps them from working in the stores, too.

A former manager from Maine claims Victoria's Secret fired her because of her weight.

Woman fired from Victorias Secret plus-size
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Kelly Merchant, a former manager at a Victoria's Secret outpost in Maine, alleged that she didn't fit into the company's high body image standards because she is 50 and plus-size.

She alleged in her official complaint that the company hires "based on a body image of young, very attractive and slim women, a concept known within [Victoria’s Secret] as [the] ‘brand/company image,’” and that she doesn't fit into that image because of her weight and age.

Victoria's Secret responded to her claim, stating that the reason for Merchant's firing had nothing to do with her size.

Victoria's Secret fired plus-size
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Victoria's Secret denied Merchant's complaint, stating she was actually fired for theft, not because of her size.

The brand is already in hot water for its bullshit stance on size-inclusivity.

Victoria's Secret size inclusivity
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The brand didn't feature a single curve or plus-size model on the runway this year (again), and it also doesn't carry any plus-size lingerie or bras that go above a DDD.

It looks like Victoria's Secret's lack of inclusivity is starting to hit the brand where it hurts, too. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ratings for the last show were down 30% from last year, and the viewership for the show was at an all-time low. To put that into perspective, more people watched a rerun of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," which aired at the same time as the fashion show.

Social media is getting real frustrated with the brand, too.

Regardless of whether or not the brand really did fire a woman for being plus-size (and again, the brand says that the claim is untrue), this backward stance on women's bodies has gone on far too long.