Not only are most of your favorite comic book characters male, but the creators, the editors, and the illustrators of those comics are also disproportionately male. Comics are a place for imagination; the storylines are meant to make the reader feel transported into an alternate universe. Having so few females involved in the creation of these universes makes it difficult for women to really relate to these stories.

But this group of female editors at Marvel have something to say about that. On a milkshake break with a handful of her coworkers, one Marvel editor posted a photo of some of the boss ladies of Marvel. The sexist Twitter trolls, of course, couldn't keep their mouths shut.

Disgusted by a group of women representing the comic giant, many sexist trolls shared their unwarranted grievances:

The editor who posted the picture, Heather Antos, was understandably disheartened by how much sexism there still is out there, tweeting:

"The internet is an awful, horrible, and disgusting place."

"How dare I post a picture of my friends on the internet without expecting to be bullied, insulted, harrassed, and targeted."

"Woke up today to a slew of more garbage tweets and DMs. For being a woman. In comics. Who posted a selfie of her friends getting milkshakes."

But luckily, the internet can also be a beautifully supportive place. After the thread went viral, many Marvel fans roasted the trolls and thanked Antos and the ladies of Marvel for all of their hard work.

"I'm really sorry that a bunch of truly awful people were mad you guys had milkshakes. What a dumb world that this would make anyone angry," one Marvel fan tweeted:

Another person pointed out that these ladies deserve their own comic:

And because of the amazing response, Antos reprised her squad, twofold:

Kudos to these ladies for representing us in the world of comics.