Woe is our world without a man to explain everything, amirite?

Actually, no, and while most of us know better, some men still struggle with making this breakthrough.

After catching sight of a similar thread on a feminist group she moderates, women's studies PhD student Nicole Froio decided to call on Twitter to share their own mainsplaining tales from the deep.

And boy, were the responses RIFE with tales of THE worst.

What. The. What?

Boy. SIT it.

She got HUNDREDS of responses.

Who could ever forget that zinger?

Some of the tweets served as a great PSA that no woman is safe from the mansplain. Not even the highly academic.

And apparently there are a lot of cis men out there who don’t have periods but know MUCH more about how periods work than the people who actually have them.

Thanks to Froio's tweet, we can all get a good laugh at the level of ridiculous that mansplainers are on. Still, the sheer volume of mansplaining stories are proof how pervasive everyday sexism is. 

h/t Metro.co.uk