YouTuber Lilly Singh usually doesn't respond to negative comments because she only has two sides: "a nice positive unicorn" and "a savage that will absolutely destroy you."

One lucky commenter got to experience the latter when he left a comment telling her to make a sandwich. Instead of ignoring the troll like she usually does, Singh gave him a taste of his own trolly medicine.

"Why would you need me to make you a sandwich," she said. "It's not that hard, I'll even teach you." 

We give you, the sandwich tutorial. 

"Please note that I'm using fresh ingredients, to make up for your expired thought process," she began.

Step 1: Cut up an onion.

"You'll notice the onion has layers, just like your insecurities," she said.

Next, separate the two pieces of bread.

"Now I know you're not familiar with things separating for you because you never get laid..."


And it only gets worse from there. 

Check out the kween lay it on thick below: