Whether it's her music, her fashion line, or just her general way of being, everything Rihanna does is just so damn good. 

Her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, will surely be no exception.

Rihanna's Instagram teasers had the world believing that her Fenty Beauty collection will include foundation.

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And they were right. Fans who went searching for in-store teasers at Sephora got the first sneak peak at the entire collection.

Including the brand's Pro Filt'r foundation, which Sephora noted will come in 40 shades and cost somewhere between $30 and $40 in the US.

Pictures of some of the other products Rihanna has created are circulating on Instagram under #fentybeauty.

Side note: 40 shades is WAY more than most brands create. Even some of the most inclusive brands only stock around 30 shades.

Not long after, Rihanna confirmed the shade range to a fan and noted how often dark-complected women are excluded by beauty brands.

"You knoooowwww it!!!!! Gotta represent for my girls and we come in all shades! Especially my brown sisters... been left out too many time in the makeup world."

Fenty Beauty drops at Sephora at 12 pm pst on Friday, September 8.

And we could NOT be more ready.

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We're saving up for you, RiRi.

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