Chocolate is magical.

Like beauty fads and fashion statements, many chocolate trends have come and gone – but each are specific to the decades of the past. After all, the origin of the yummy stuff dates back to biblical times.

It’s incredible and undeniable how history has inspired some crazy combinations and delicious recipes. Within the past century, the evolution of and way we eat chocolate has changed so much. Here are some highlights from the past 100 years of the crave-worth treat.  


1910s — Turtle time!

The Turtle, now commonly associated with flavors or ice cream, brownies, and other desserts, was created in 1916. It is a chocolate covered caramel and nut candy. Oh yeah, and it's shaped like the reptile it’s named after.


1920s — A marriage made in heaven.

In 1922, the first peanut butter candy, immersed in chocolate, was crafted and sold as a peanut butter cup.


1930s — Raising the bar.

In 1938, a candy bar that uses milk chocolate, almonds and crisped rice hit the market. Due to the war (and food rationing) the milk chocolate and almonds are removed from the ingredient list and the product became an all-rice, crispy treat.

1940s — Ten hut!

photo: Wikipedia
The D Bar — a high calorie, bittersweet chocolate bar — is introduced and given to soldiers in combat. The wax paper it’s wrapped in does not allow poisonous gas to seep into the sweet.


1950s — Things get gooey.

The Rocky Road Candy bar, with marshmallows, roasted cashews and, of course, chocolate, is handmade and distributed under The Annabelle Candy Company, named after the daughter of creator Sam Altshuler.


1960s-70s — The chocolate industry booms.

Kisses for all! In 1962, Hershey’s famous little bit-size chocolates are now sold in colored wrappers (they first made their debut in 1906). Four years later, in 1966, Godiva, a Belgian Chocolatier, is bought by the Campbell Soup Company. By 1973, the first candy-related theme park opens in Pennsylvania.


1980s — One huge step for chocolate.

Candy-coated chocolates make a long trip to outer space, aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1981.


1990s — Un-meltable innovation.

In 1990, soldiers in the Gulf War are sent 144,000 heat-resistant candy bars.


2000s — Wonka reborn.

In 2005, "The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" film hits the box office. Johnny Depp plays Willy Wonka in a movie based on the classic 1964 novel. 


2010s — Bespoke pleasure.

Custom chocolate bars, with unconventional and original packaging, are available for purchase online. Molds, flavors, and sizes can be tailored to fit the needs of chocoholics everywhere.