IHOP Addams Family-themed menu
photo: IHOP

IHOP's new Halloween menu in honor of the upcoming animated reboot of The Addams Family is drawing some criticism on Twitter for its less-than-appetizing appearance. 

Halloween-themed food is typically always entertaining, but this time it missed the mark. People on Twitter were cackling at the vibrant and unnatural purple hue of the icing on the IHOP items, but shared that it was actually quite tasty. 

The wild food received some shady comments, but all in all, people were here for the spooky treats. And some compared it with nostalgic '90s food trends. 

IHOP announced an Addams Family-themed menu with dishes based on the iconic characters. 

Breakfast foods like Wednesday's WebCakes and Gomez's Green Chili Omelette are included in the roundup. The animated characters were featured in the restaurant's Instagram post, plus the eatery debuted a new deal where kids eat free from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. every weekday. The meals looked delicious in the promotional images, but things got a little messy in one Twitter user's photos. 

One person shared their hilarious disappointment at the unappetizing appearance of the pancakes, milkshake, and hot chocolate. 

"In case you were wondering how things were going at IHOP," they wrote and shared a few different images of the messy icing job. The photos showed off Morticia's Haunted Hot Chocolate and Uncle Fester's Chocolate Ice Scream Shake with vibrant purple icing swirled on top. Somehow, the icing melted down into a deep royal purple mush, and it garnered a hilarious Twitter reaction. 

I feel like Uncle Fester's name should have been kept out of the descriptor for a milkshake. 

"'Uncle Fester’s chocolate' sounds very unsettling," one person replied. If the goal was to spook their customers, then IHOP genuinely succeeded. The food coloring itself is unsettling: "U know ur insides are dyed after this stuff," another person wrote. 

Apparently, the Halloween treats tasted good, though. 

The original poster later shared that despite the disturbing appearance, everything tasted good. They also joked with various purple pop culture references, "Did you murder Grimace?" But, in the end, taste should be the most important thing, right? "Real talk: it was pretty good and definitely purple. Made the kids’ Friday night," the tweet reads. 

Some people compared the artificial color to other nostalgic foods. 

Heinz once had an infamous purple ketchup called EZ Squirt, and some were reminded of that questionable food trend with the concerning hue of these treats. Someone else was reminded of a cover of a classic Goosebumps book cover. Another person thought of the live-action Cat in the Hat movie

Not all of the Addams Family menu items looked bad, and some people shared their stunning creations.  

"Mine looked cute thankfully," replied one Twitter user after many were sharing their disastrous photos. Whew, not all of the violet bites were totally chaotic, and some genuinely looked pretty enticing. Just try not to think too hard about the harsh food coloring that's definitely present.