If for some reason you think Disney is just for kids, you're sorely mistaken. Not only are there rose gold Disney tees fit for any stylish woman, there are also countless wine-related products that make for perfect gifts.


There's an adorable and quippy wine cup for every girl in your friend group.

Girls night in, anyone?

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Disney Princess Food and Wine Festival Cup ($11, Siply Sophisticated)


There are these ~fancier~ ways to save your vino.

disney princess wine stopper
photo: Etsy

What's a regular cork anyway?

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Cinderella Wine Stopper, ($15.99, Etsy)


Seriously, there's one for every princess.

snow white wine stopper
photo: Etsy

Your BFF probably needs them all.

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Snow White Wine Stopper ($9.99, Etsy)


There's also a romantic "Beauty and the Beast"-inspired stemless glass.

beauty and the beast wine glass
photo: Etsy

A good V-Day option.

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Beauty and the Beast Stemless Wine Glass ($10.99, Etsy)


Or maybe you'd rather get some homemade princess wine charms.

disney wine charms
photo: Etsy

How are you even going to decide which one you are?

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Disney Wine Charms ($5, Etsy)


Well, it makes sense.

disney wine glass
photo: Etsy


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Disney Wine Glass ($18.96, Etsy)


I'm calling dibs on this princess nickname.

photo: Etsy

Get it?

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Drinking Beauty Raglan ($23.99, Etsy)


Little Mermaid would be proud.

little mermaid
photo: Etsy

Hang by your bed for inspiration.

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Ariel Disney Wine Glass SVG ($2.99, Etsy)


These hand-painted glasses are only for the princess-obsessed.

disney wine glasses
photo: Etsy

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Disney Wine Glasses ($20, Etsy)


Or you can just get someone their own glass decal.

disney wine decal
photo: Etsy

DIY, you know?

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Disney Wine Glass Vinyl ($3, Etsy)


This "Beauty and the Beast" bottle lamp is just so damn cool.

disney wine lamp
photo: Etsy

Belle was made into a perfect silhouette.

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Beauty and the Beast Wine Bottle Lamp ($24.50, Etsy)


If the whole princess thing isn't your jam, you can always drink like an evil queen.

evil queen wine glass
photo: Etsy

I mean, just look at that hand-etched magic. 

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Evil Queen Wine Glass ($30, Etsy)


Evil Queens unite.

evil queen wine tshirt
photo: Etsy

Friends who sip together...

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Villain Shirt ($19.54, Etsy)


It's probably... me.

disney wine tshirt
photo: Etsy

Evil Queen approved.

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Mirror, Mirror T-Shirt ($26, Etsy)


And of course, there are more princess charms, because you can never have enough.

disney wine charms
photo: Etsy

All six original princesses included.

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Disney Princess Charms ($18, Etsy)


Or you can go a little bit darker.

disney villain wine charms
photo: Etsy

Here for the villains.

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Disney Villain Wine Charms ($10.25, Etsy)


Let's not forget Pocahontas

pocahontas wine stopper
photo: Etsy

ALL the colors of the wind.

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Pochahontas Wine Stopper ($14.99, Etsy)


If that doesn't work, there's always this super fancy Cinderella wine glass.

cinderella wine glass
photo: Etsy

Almost as nice as the glass slippers.

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Handpainted Princess Cinderella Wine Glass ($12, Etsy)


Maybe your friend just needs some wine decor for their mantle.

photo: Etsy

It's a bottle to keep forever.

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Beauty and the Beast Decor Wine ($12.99, Etsy)


There's also this antisocial "Little Mermaid" glass.

TBH, we get it.

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Little Mermaid Wine Glass ($16.97, Amazon)


Cheers to sparkly-bottomed glasses.

disney villain wine glasses
photo: Etsy

Evil villain style, of course.

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Disney Villain Wine Glass Collection ($10, Etsy)


Maybe you're biased and only want Ursula.

ursula wine glass
photo: Etsy

We know — it's her hair and eye shadow game.

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Ursula Wine Glass ($17.23, Etsy)


Cruella knows what's up, too.

cruella de vil wine stopper
photo: Etsy

Didn't you know she loves wine?

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Cruella De Vil Wine Stopper ($12.99, Etsy)


Then there's a Mulan silhouette glass.

mulan wine glass
photo: Etsy

Beautiful, right?

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Mulan Silhouette Wine Glass ($9, Etsy)


And a Tiana wine-inspired frame.

tiana disney wine
photo: Etsy

"The Princess and the Frog" fanatics will love this.

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Tiana Disney Wine SVG ($2.99, Etsy)


You can always opt for this adorable Rapunzel wine glass.

rapunzel wine glass
photo: Etsy

It's for "Tangled" fans (and it's sparkly!).

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Rapunzel Wine Glass ($24.99, Etsy)


Princess Jasmine, your on-the-go wine awaits.

disney wine tumblr
photo: Etsy

Seriously, how cute? 

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A Whole New Buzz Wine Tumbler ($10, Etsy)


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