Finally, there's a beer that matches the magical unicorn spirit. 

DuClaw Brewing Company is hard at work preparing for next summer's ultimate brew: Unicorn Farts. The aptly named beer is made with fruity cereal and edible glitter. The sparkle-fest sold out quickly last year, so mark your calendars now. 

The sour beer will be sold at select retailers and at DuClaw's flagship location in Rosedale, Maryland. The brewhouse was inspired by Lizzo, like so many others this year. They were so inspired, that they re-created her "Good As Hell" Skittles bathtub moment, and it was so on point. Beer connoisseurs showed no shame in sipping the glittery, fruity ale.  

The sour ale is brewed with edible glitter and fruity cereal that looks a lot like Fruity Pebbles. 

The brewery partnered with another Baltimore staple Diablo Doughnuts to create this delightful sip. According to the description, the beer is a "glittered sour ale with fruity cereal mashed in, brings slightly tart sour, a bouquet of fruits, and a hint of biscuit." 

Too bad we have to wait another season, but these photos should tide us over. 

The hope for this summer brew will get us through the chilly winter months with these incredible Lizzo-inspired photos. The brewery was inspired by the singer's self-loving attitude and her incredible Skittles bathtub photo shoot. "100% that glitter beer. Coming: June 2020," the brewery captioned its post. 

These men are feeling themselves in the Fruity Pebbles bathtub surrounded by donuts and sparkly sour beer. 

Lizzo would be proud of the duo's confidence in this hilarious photo shoot. One person replied with the perfect Lizzo gif and wrote, "Ironically this tweet and the beer got me feeling like ...." In the photo series are Diablo Doughnuts owner Michael Roslan and Brandon Stanko, a brewer at DuClaw.

DuClaw is known for its clever craft brews and witty names. 

Unicorn Farts is a perfect name for the glitter-filled beer. The company's other mixes include Regular Beer (which is exactly what the name says it is), Sweet Baby Java (a chocolate peanut butter porter with whole bean espresso), and Purple Passion (an ale with passionfruit, blackberries, and sea salt). 

Unicorn Farts is only one of the many sour beers the brewery boasts. 

The next sour beer in the rotation is Sour Me: Wild Cherry. The brewery will be distributing it to retailers around the country. To check if you can pick up a DuClaw beer in your local area, check the site's beer finder page. Or visit the Brewery located in the Baltimore area.