Autumn lovers who are ready for the start of cold weather filled with cozy movie marathons, lots of feasting, and the holiday season are probably already thinking about Thanksgiving … even though Halloween is still more than a month away. 

A company has created a perfect side dish for sparkle enthusiasts that will create the most over-the-top and extra Thanksgiving table of all time — glitter cranberry sauce infused with orange zest and vodka. Yes, please. 

Firebox is a UK website filled with wacky knick-knacks and witty creations, plus some magical-themed ones, like glitter-infused sauces and jams. Unfortunately, the brand doesn't ship all of its products to the US, but we can dream and hope they reach stateside someday! Or take a look at some of Firebox's other glittery treats, which luckily can be shipped to the US.

Glitter Cranberry Sauce, $13

This stunning condiment adds some pizzazz to boring turkey meat on Thanksgiving Day. Not only does the sauce look gorgeous thanks to the edible glitter, it is infused with orange zest and vodka for an extra kick. If holiday feasts weren't already festive enough, add this as a side with any meal to take it to the next level. 

Unicorn Blood, $13

Another glitter-bomb condiment from the brand is this sparkly jelly called, appropriately, Unicorn's Blood. This vegetarian spread is made with gin and rose for a decadent flavor. There's so much sparkle that it could leave lips looking freshly glossed. 

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur Miniature, $12

More sparkle products from Firebox include these miniature gin-flavored liqueurs. The booze is available in raspberry, blackberry, and regular flavors as well as miniature and regular-size bottles. Sticking with its magical theme, these sparkly drinks are called Unicorn Tears, and they're totally vegan. 

Mermaid Tea, $19

This gorgeous color-changing tea is a pastel lover's dream. Blue pea flowers and lemongrass turns from a vibrant blue shade to a pink one when mixed with lemon juice. Stun friends by inviting them over for afternoon tea and show off this magical elixir.