photo: Revelist/Melissa Stanger

Just because you don't have a bottle opener on hand doesn't mean you can't still enjoy that beer.

Here are three easy* ways to open a beer with stuff you probably already have around you.

*By "easy" I mean easy with practice... but just watch the GIFs, you'll get the hang of it (and probably impress a whole bunch of people at a party!).


Use another beer — Hold the one you want to open in your dominant hand. Angle the cap 45 degrees against the other a bit in the air. Pull both down, but let the one in your dominant hand keep going. Open sesame!

photo: Revelist/Melissa Stanger

Use your keys — Wedge the edge of a key under the cap. Pry up the edges until the cap comes off. Easy, right?

photo: Revelist/Melissa Stanger

Use the edge of a table — Angle the bottle 45 degrees to the edge of the table. Yank it down so the edge of the cap hits the edge of the table. Drink that shit!

photo: Revelist/Melissa Stanger

Watch the whole video below from Revelist Nom.

3 ways to open a beer bottle

No. 1 looks too easy

Posted by Revelist Nom on Saturday, March 19, 2016

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